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Cathryn Judice is a textile designer based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cat claims a little bit of home in Louisiana, South Carolina & New York. The culmination of these backgrounds gives her an understanding of tradition and a love of flaunting it. She studied fashion at the Rhode Island School of Design, and textile design at FIT. Her love of all things sartorial also deeply influences her vibrant textile designs.



Our patterns are crafted from conception to finish by our designer, Cat. Color is her primary inspiration, and often where the idea begins. She draws and paints all motifs by hand, before digitally creating a pattern and preparing if for production. Cat Judice aims to create beautiful textiles that will bring more color into your home.

We are proud to work with a mill out of Pennsylvania, where our patterns are digitally printed. Digitally printing allows us to produce small orders, down to the yard of what is needed. Much less ink is wasted this way, and we like that. We want to create our products in as mindful a way as possible.



One of our favorite aspects of this business is getting to save beautiful old furniture from becoming obsolete. It’s the ultimate recycling, saving well made gorgeous furniture from the dump. Also, it is usually damn cheap to buy these beauties, just go check out your closest Salvation Army, Goodwill, or antique store. We are constantly on the hunt for cheap old beauties. Both of the pieces above were thrifted and cost less than forty dollars. Now they are truly one of a kind treasures. Let the treasure hunt begin!